Why record at dreamland?

Dreamland is for artists who take the time to nurture their craft. We have found that musicians are able to get more done in less time here at Dreamland than at other studios, because of the onsite lodging and our focused yet relaxed atmosphere. The only distractions are the eagle’s nest, fire pit, and upstate mountain breeze.

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Sought-After Acoustics

The live-room is one of the most stunning features of Dreamland. Not only is it visually beautiful, with original stained glass windows and exposed beams, it provides incredible acoustics thanks to the high vaulted ceilings and large, open space.

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An Unusual Amount of Vintage and Modern Gear

We’re gear heads and audiophiles, and it shows. We’ve curated an extensive collection of the finest retro, modern, and rare equipment. 

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Portfolio of Legendary Musicians

Record where your idols recorded. Dreamland has played host to household names such as The B52s, Joe Jackson, The Band, Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, Amanda Palmer, Feist, and many more. 

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Analog & Digital Capabilities

We offer full analog or digital recording to ensure you get the perfect sound. 

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Onsite Lodging

Never lose focus. Our live/work atmosphere allows artists to concentrate on their craft without the burden of traveling to and from the studio every day. That means creative freedom and a flexible schedule.

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In-House Engineer

Having a professional who’s familiar with the studio is an asset to any artist. Dreamland’s engineer, Ariel, is passionate about recording and energized in the studio.

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Managed by Jerry Marotta

Dreamland is operated by Jerry Marotta, world-renowned drummer and producer, who has recorded and toured with names such as Genesis, Paul McCartney, John Mayer, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Tears for Fears, and more.

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Onsite Technician

Vintage gear requires finesse and the right touch. Our dedicated tech, John, takes special care of all of our equipment.

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Onsite Photography & Video

Add-on services available to help create promotional material for your music. 


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