Housed in what was once St. John's Church built in 1896, the capacious room is now an acoustically gorgeous recording studio. 

Originally opened in 1986, the studio takes full advantage of the large wooden structure, providing an ambient and accommodating space for bands, orchestras, and string and horn sections. And it's exactly 100 miles from New York City, so everything you could possibly need is just a short trip away.


AWARD-Winning artists

Dreamland has played host to artists like the B-52s, Joe Jackson, Ron Sexsmith, 10,000 Maniacs, Mayday Parade, The National, Pat Metheny and Herbie Hancock, as well as long-time Woodstock resident Jack DeJohnette, who ranks among the jazz world's greatest drummers.

The Push Stars bassist/keyboard player, Dan McLoughlin, worked as an engineer at Dreamland before joining fellow band members Chris Trapper and Ryan McMillan. Other Woodstock artists, such as The Band, John Hall, NRBQ, John Sebastian and Jules Shear, have been known to frequent the studio also.





"Pete, Jerry, and Joel: I wanted to thank you for being so great on the Peter Murphy record. I know that running a studio can be a thankless task so I wanted to express my gratitude. Peter and John SIket appreciated the effort you put forth to make things work for us as well. Dreamland helped us make the record I wanted to make.

I hope that the future of Dreamland is bright and brings a lot of success to all involved. I am happy that local people have banded together to create a sense of community. If you ever need anything, just ask."

Thanks for all,

David Baron



"Working with Jerry Marotta is a dream for any discriminating musician, and what better place to do it than at Dreamland. Having access to one of the premier drummers in the known universe in such a staggeringly cool space can't help but facilitate honest and vital music. I love playing at Dreamland and recommend it to anyone in search of an organic vibe for their music."


-Peter Primamore


Producer: david bowie, the cure, axelle red

"Great studio, great people, great vibe - a throwback to when such things matteredin a recording studio. It felt like anything was creatively possible. I look forward to my next visit."


-Mark Plati





An emphasis on vintage relics

At Dreamland, we boast an extensive collective of vintage microphones, instruments, Preamps, and more.