VIdeo + Photography at dreamland

Our video and photography services at Dreamland Recording Studio result in intimate, high quality promotional materials for your music. You're proud of your work and you want fans and industry professionals to hear it. We'll help you make sure that your outreach looks stunning.


We shoot in 4k with a Black Magic Production camera, so you can be sure that your videos will be clear and beautiful. All videos are professionally color graded and edited. Some of our common video projects include footage of studio sessions, music videos, interviews, and more. Ask us today how we can create a professional video for you and your music.

Rates of Common Video products


Includes 30 Sec. Snippet of Music and/or Interview
1 Hour of Filming

Videosong $275

Includes 3-5 Minute Music Video
2 Hours of Filming



Sometimes a still photograph is all you need to capture the moment. Some of our common photography projects include portraits, shots of studio tracking, aerial views of live tracking, and candid shots. Ask us today how we can create beautiful photography of your recording session.



Includes 3 Photographs
30 Min of Shooting

6 Photographs $200

Includes 6 Photographs
45 Min of Shooting


For those who are looking for the most media for the best value, we also offer combination packages of video and photography. Purchase any package and save $25 on each and every package after the first.


Email for more information, or to book a media package today!